.CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) has become a central element to almost all security solutions. It allows you to view, and record, multiple areas of your premises simultaneously.

Here at Clifford Security Alarms Ltd, we take lighting, tracking requirements, location and visibility into account when discussing camera type. This is why, prior to any quotation, Peter calls to meet with potential clients and views the premises in question.

There are a number of camera options available :

  • Monochrome (B/W) – Monochrome or Black & White cameras are usually used in areas of low light or outside a building.

  • Colour – Provide a more defined image and work best in areas of good lighting or inside a building
  • Day & Night – This type of camera can distinguish between day and night and will automatically switch from colour during the day and monochrome during the night.

  • Camera Housing – This will depend on where the camera is to be situated. Housing offers protection for the camera against the elements and allows the camera to be angled.

  • Camera Lighting – Infra red lighting can be added to enable a camera ‘see’ in the night.

We source varying size monitors, either colour or monochrome. The monitors can allow for split screen capability, ensuring you can view multiple areas at once.

Different types of recorders & monitors:

  • Multiplexer – This works with your video recorder. It allows the images from a number of cameras be recorded on the same video cassette. You can view the recordings individually on your monitor or split the monitor screen to view a number of recordings at the same time.

  • Digital Recorder – These give a very high resolution image, longer recording time, user friendly, allow record and playback simultaneously. Date and time search. Some have an audio recording facility.

  • Monitors – These come in various sizes and have a higher definition than a regular television. Available in monochrome or colour.

You can also avail of our maintenance option. A maintenance contract covers you for 2 system checks in the year and free 24-hour call out service.