COVID-19 Systems

8 inch GSD Facial Recognition & Temperature Screening Console

The GSD-FRTS1 operates as a standalone temperature screening console that is capable of reading staff and visitors temperatures in <1 second. Displaying the temperature on the 8inch touch screen and providing audio annunciation that the temperatures is “Temperature Ok” if normal temperature is read.

Temperature audits that include Staff Name, Date/Time and Temperature reading can be exported in .xls to a USB drive.Temperature audits can be viewed on the console including a picture of the person who’s temperature was recorded. GSD-FRTS1 can be utilised as a standalone access control facial recognition console with temperature screening.The door can be configured to deny access if the temperature is over the W.H.O 37.3 degrees recommend threshold.

HIKVISION Density Control Soloutions

The System can be installed in a number of different configurations. For premises with only one door for both entry and exit, one people counting camera can be used alone to control access. If there are multiple doors on the premises, the people counting cameras can be used in conjunction with either an I-Series recorder or HikCentral software to control access.

GJD Multispeech

With businesses beginning to open back up in the coming months, procedures are been put in place to help protect staff and customers. The GJD Multispeech kit is just one of many ways you can help combat the spread of COVID-19. As demonstrated in the video above you can use this to inform and remind both staff and customers to keep their social distance and to regularly wash their hands. 

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